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Pasal nak jadi pengantin..

Maklumlah nak jadi pengantin, jadi saya belajar masak sambal goreng pengantin la.. Hehe (bcos I’m going to be a pengantin (bride/groom), I learn how to cook sambal goreng pengantin) This is very the melayu dish. Cos MrF loves this one … Continue reading

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Compulsory item in a wedding (Mas Kahwin)

After a hearty breakfast with the parents, the favourite daughter (me of cos hurhur) sat down and thought about her mas kahwin. This is THE compulsory item in a wedding. Kalau takde, boleh pack up and balik rumah takya kahwin. … Continue reading

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The important item for……our beauty sleep! Haha

We are going to use MY hantaran (terima kasih eh, MrF) to purchase all our furniture. It’s a good thing that my parents are quite relaxed about the hantaran issue, as in they don’t demand that they keep the hantaran. … Continue reading

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Charisma D’venue

Suddenly had this urge to post about Charisma D’venue. They’ve been posting a lot on their Instagram and I recently followed then on fb (haha I know I should follow and stalk them first before confirming my venue kan). Kinda … Continue reading

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The Engagement

29 Mar 2014, we got engaged and that gave us exactly a year to prepare for our DoubleFs Project. A very simple affair, with close relatives present only. Thankfully I have quite a few fancy dresses from past tailoring that … Continue reading

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Happy 21st!

And so.. Today I celebrated my last single (insyaAllah) birthday! I’m forever 21, just like my birth date. Hehe. Spent the day like a tai tai: body scrub + massage and then MrF fetched me for birthday makan and to … Continue reading

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Staying together

Good rainy morning! MrF, we take note ok? 19 steps to stay together

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