Guess who?

Going overseas was seriously the best excuse ever. If I didn’t like MrF on our first meeting, I could choose to end the “date” by saying that I needed to check in earlier and just disappear forever.

Lucky for MrF, I found the ride to the airport pleasant and I was interested enough to sit down and have breakfast with him. However, back at home there was such a big hoohaa cos I didn’t inform the family who was fetching. To supposedly ease their worries, I sent them this:

Need I mention again that flying was a really good excuse? I didn’t have to be physically there to explain to the family who’s that guy. I had lots of time to analyse the situation (in between work of cos) while I was overseas before I have to decide on anything.

While I was away, I would message MrF but I was recently told by a sulky MrF that when I was away I didn’t do it as often as he expected me to (baru starting per..orang kena jual mahal sikit kan? Haha!)

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