Wedding Venue

MrF and I are quite a simple couple. How lucky of MrF that he got a simple girlfriend/tunang/wife, right? I may be simple, but please ah..  not simple minded. hurhur.

Typically girls will have their own definition of their dream wedding. However, like I said, MrF is very lucky that I am simple and most probably the most cincai (anyhow) bride to be, I don’t really have my own definition of a dream wedding. All I know is, the important part is the nikah and our well deserved long break aka honeymoon! After that travel, we can live happily every after (haha) and perhaps more traveling after that. 

Initially we thought we wanted to combine our reception and just do it at a mosque after the nikah, but you know sometimes things don’t work out the way one would want it.

And so we got something else. I will be having my reception at the restaurant, Charisma D’Venue while MrF at Lagun Sari. If you know Joo Chiat area well, you would know they are along the same stretch of road. How convenient, right? 

We decided on our wedding venues rather quickly. Actually, once the wedding venue was set, it kinda settled almost everything else. Not only are they providing the catering, they also have pelamin, berkat, invitation cards, wedding cake, musollah, and whatnots. Everything under one roof. See how pemalas we are. We didn’t have to choose deco. We just choose the dishes. haha.

I don’t need to choose chairs, what pelamin deco, etc. Someone once told me “No one would really remember what chair they sat on, what pelamin deco you had. All you need to ensure is that you provide really good food for your wedding and secondly you look pretty that day.”

Did you notice the order of that sentence? Food first before being pretty!

Our wedding may not be super duper grand but I pray that our new journey together as Mr and Mrs F is as grand as we can make it to be. InsyaAllah. May Allah bless our marriage 🙂

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2 Responses to Wedding Venue

  1. FaithFate says:

    Mine is at Charisma D’venue too!


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