This is how we decided our wedding date. We met at Changi Airport on 1 April and being the senti-mentel us, we thought let’s fly out for our honeymoon on that date. We’ll be at the airport too, like how we met! How apt, isn’t it? And so… we checked the calendar to see what’s the date of the weekend before 1 April 2015, and we saw 28/29 Mar. We chose 28 cos it’s a Saturday so that our relatives and guests can rest on Sunday before they have to go work on Monday (how kind of us right? hurhur).

And so this is how it will go, insyaAllah: Saturday wedding. Sunday rest. Monday probably outdoor photoshoot. Tues night we go airport and off we go for our first trip together! Hopefully it’s an enjoyable trip cos we believe travelling can either break or bond a relationship, and you know we’re already married. We can only doa a lot that it bonds us even more. huhu.

We have purchased our flight tickets to Paris. We haven’t bought the return tickets yet though. The idea is to go France, Spain and Morocco. Just haven’t decided on the length of stay. It’ll be great if we can go for a month but the parents nagged me not to travel too long. Wokay, so we cut short and maybe I can take more leave after we return and just spend time in Singapore (I just don’t want to go back to work so soon la).

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