Happy 21st!

And so.. Today I celebrated my last single (insyaAllah) birthday! I’m forever 21, just like my birth date. Hehe.

Spent the day like a tai tai: body scrub + massage and then MrF fetched me for birthday makan and to get my wonderful giftsssss!

He told me a few days before, that I’ll get giftS! Many gifts that links to one thing. Instead of being excited, me being me, I got worried. I told the sisters and the BFF, “What if it’s Lego? It is many many things that can build into one item.” I’m sorry MrF for being such an unappreciative tunang.

Actually not being unappreciative la, I just don’t want people to waste money on me. I like the idea of receiving gifts haha but I’m worried that people don’t get me the gifts that I like. I also don’t know what nice gifts I want for myself on my birthday, how to expect others to get me nice gifts kan.. So better don’t waste people’s money la. Me being kedekut (stingy) and environmentally friendly (supposedly la).. So wastage is a no no!

BUT TODAY’S GIFT FROM MRF I LOVE! Thank you many many! All the awesome items inside this box!


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