The Engagement

29 Mar 2014, we got engaged and that gave us exactly a year to prepare for our DoubleFs Project.

A very simple affair, with close relatives present only. Thankfully I have quite a few fancy dresses from past tailoring that I could wear. Make up artist was yours truly haha. MrF gave me a ring and I gave him a watch. The future MIL sarungkan cincin (put the ring on my finger) as per the usual Malay customs. My aunt cooked up something awesome for all the guests. While all these was happening, MrF was happily sleeping at home I think. Hehe.


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2 Responses to The Engagement

  1. eliblr says:

    You had such an adorable cake!!!!!


    • doublefs says:

      Yeah! I bought it thru Instagram, @madbattersg. Very nice and chocolatey! The lady is very nice too! She has many different flavours with awesome designs. I’ve tried 3 diff cakes from her haha


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