Charisma D’venue

Suddenly had this urge to post about Charisma D’venue. They’ve been posting a lot on their Instagram and I recently followed then on fb (haha I know I should follow and stalk them first before confirming my venue kan).

Kinda excited to hold our wedding now. They recently changed their pelamin (dais). So that’s something to look forward to. I also just read more reviews of their food. A lot of people commented it’s awesome!! Like I said earlier, wedding food must be awesome. Everything else is not that important to the guests I think.

I was kinda worried for the lighting at first BUT a review just mentioned that if the wedding is in the day time, there’ll be natural light coming in! Alhamdullilah 🙂

I know I know I should have thought this through earlier but I made my decision on other reasons such as:

– It has an everything package
– SisL tried their food at a wedding before and she said it’s great! (Trust SisL and her tummy)
– A few friends also tried the food there and they gave their thumbs up too!
– The place is air conditioned
– Public car park right in front of the restaurant
– my father loves Joo Chiat area
– Charisma allows us to hold our nikah on the second floor with everything provided! Awesome or what?
– We can use their second floor to change our bajus even though we don’t engage their bridal service (and it’s air conditioned ok!)
– Has musollah room, there’s also Masjid Khalid nearby if guests wanted to pray at a mosque
– They have TVs on the walls so that the guests who can’t see the pelamin can just watch from outside (but then again the place is very small, so I think everyone can see everything)

Okla there’s some cons to it la, but not major for me.
– Can’t decorate the pelamin to what you want (pelamin is ready made)
– Cannot add own dessert table

Yup so that’s for Charisma!

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