The important item for……our beauty sleep! Haha

We are going to use MY hantaran (terima kasih eh, MrF) to purchase all our furniture. It’s a good thing that my parents are quite relaxed about the hantaran issue, as in they don’t demand that they keep the hantaran. They said hantaran is just there to make sure the couple has some money after the wedding (Biasalah.. Kita anak-anak muda ni mesti belanja semua untuk majlis bukan untuk perkahwinan haha!)

And so, during the Jun GREAT SINGAPORE SALE, MrF and I went bed hunting. We don’t intend to get any other items (yet!) cos ours is not a new home (no need to refurnish stuff). We’re staying with my parents hurhur. Haven’t really thought through where and how in the coming years, but for now it’s the Northside that we’re staying at! (Sounds like anything goes for us.. Haha like hippies/gypsies hor?)

I initially wanted a woody concept. Check out Picket & Rail. Picture below stolen from their fb. Pretty, right?!?!


But nolah, not getting wood yet. Perhaps in 3 years time. Let’s try out new bed first. I was told mattress is important. Must get really good one, bed frame can change any other time.

And so, we did our research before physically searching and shopping. We knew we wanted talalay latex (good for the hot weather in Sg and bacteria free). MrF has this idea that we should not get the famous brands cos if we go for brands, we’re paying for the names. In order to get a good range from these branded companies, we must pay $6-12k to get a really good one. Hantaran kena up nanti haha! And so, we researched online, apparently that’s what a lot of people say too about the brands! Anyways to cut long story short, we got a King mattress (cos my mom thinks I’m fat and will kick MrF off the bed if it’s Queen) and the brand Omazz. We bought from IMM! Rather good deal cos it was GSS!

Things we look out for when choosing mattress:
– Don’t get the hotel kinda mattress cos it’s too soft. May be comfortable for a short stay in the hotel but for long term usage it’s bad for your spine.
– Anti-bacteria, anti-fungal etc
– 10 years guarantee

Supplier guaranteed that it won’t sag for the next 10 years. She also said that once it starts to sag, they’ll exchange. We shall wait and see when they deliver it next Mar! I hope it’s a good buy! We managed to kecek (negotiate) and get 4 pillows and some bed covers.

Oh one funny thing about the shopkeeper:

Her: Why ah.. I see Malay couples always buy expensive beds? Malays like to put high priority in their wedding beds ah..

I seriously don’t know if I should smack her for being racist or be amused.

In my head I was just thinking, “Everyone else no need to have a good night sleep and rest is it?”

Well, if what she says truly reflects the bed purchase statistics in Singapore, maybe that explains the high birth rate in Malay community hahahaha very the important item hor!

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