Compulsory item in a wedding (Mas Kahwin)

After a hearty breakfast with the parents, the favourite daughter (me of cos hurhur) sat down and thought about her mas kahwin. This is THE compulsory item in a wedding. Kalau takde, boleh pack up and balik rumah takya kahwin. Haha.

Have been thinking for months what I should get for mas kahwin. If I get ring, we can at least get couple-couple rings (haha) but then again MrF doesn’t really want a ring for himself (kesian dia always kena paksa) and I have already received a ring for engagement. From a person who doesn’t wear jewelry to someone who wears 2 rings! Big jump yo!

Furthermore, it’s more of the western culture that we have all adopted: an engagement ring and a wedding band. But but but.. Been looking through Blue Nile website and saw so pwetty wedding bands! Here’s one:
Besides getting a band, can consider getting a necklace. Some possible necklaces:

2 hearts together-gether :

To infinity & beyond! :

Super undecided. Why not we get both a ring (can couple rings) and a necklace (shall be the mas kahwin), MrF? Hehehe.

If tak boleh, takpe la. Saya pilih satu je tapi saya amik rantai ni.. I call it rantai kapal hehehe :p (chains used at sea):

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