Pasal nak jadi pengantin..

Maklumlah nak jadi pengantin, jadi saya belajar masak sambal goreng pengantin la.. Hehe (bcos I’m going to be a pengantin (bride/groom), I learn how to cook sambal goreng pengantin)

This is very the melayu dish. Cos MrF loves this one dish, I slogged 2.5 hours to learn this sampai menangis kena torture (okla cry due to the onions) hehe.

I like to take photos to document my cooking journey, so you know.. Easier to recall in future (much to my mama’s irritation). But at the end of it, mama said take picture and send your sisters and friends. Haha!

If MrF reads this today, you know what’s the surprise for our date tomorrow. No hati, lotsa paru and udang. A bit of daging. As requested, boss. Heh.



Final product, jeng jeng jeng:


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