2 more nights..

..and I’ll be zooming off to the States! Sadly it’s for work. All the weird and scary feelings bubbling inside. It’s no wonder doctor diagnosed me with anxiety.

I guess this blog is turning out to be more of a personal blog than a wedding blog. I apologise for that, but just like a budak jakun I’m beginning to find this rather fun; to pen down anything I want!

Anyways, I will be there for a month insyaAllah. Rather worrying. Not the first time to the States but somehow it feels scary this time. Why?

– staying in an apartment instead of the usual hotel (my apartment is hopefully in a safe area)
– having to drive there myself (first time on the left side of the car!! Seriously need to put all my attention into driving there. I know I can get carried away with many other thoughts in my head if I drive alone and then God knows what happens to the car. Oh Allah pls let me be safe, I still want to come back and kawin, pls)
– must cook my meals myself (after a 10 hour work, who wants to cook la)
– I’m there all alone. Thanks eh my dear workplace.. Budget nye pasal you send just ONE lady! What was meant for 2 people, now I’ll be the ONLY ONE studying everything there. So much responsibility la. I don’t even need to guess where the anxiety came from.
– all the stories about plane shot down and going missing. My 18 hour journey.. *gulps*
– dad is kinda sickly nowadays. I don’t want anything to happen while I’m away. Not saying it’s ok to happen when I’m back. Just don’t happen la k. Get well soon oh bapak dear..

One final worrying thing:
– me in hijab. You know.. All these sensational news about US supporting Israel for the Gaza issue, and then American journalist and the ISIS being you know *more gulps*..
Some Americans can get rather rowdy and racist.. Not saying wearing hijab is a bad thing. But somehow it attracts unwanted attention. I was in Adelaide, Australia before and I was just walking along a normal street minding my own business.. I got the middle finger from a group of guys. I didn’t do anything lor.. Adelaide is considered a mild place some more.. Nasib baik tak kena rodok or rompak.. Alhamdullilah..

Oh Allah, pls let this journey be a good one for me. Setiap benda yang berlaku mesti ada baiknye. Still figuring out the goodness in this (oh maybe it’s the shopping la.. Buying the gifts for dulang exchange there)

Boss said “whatever it is, use your instinct. If you don’t feel safe, run.”

Safe trip for me. Keep me in your prayers, everyone! Amin and thanks!

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3 Responses to 2 more nights..

  1. wow, exciting! which industry are you in babe? all the best for your adventure. don’t worry too much k? be street smart and have faith… insyaAllah He will keep you safe 🙂


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