Day 1: I’m in Los Angeles, baby!

I was welcomed by my new best friend:

Still very blur blur as I made my way settling everything like a zombie. Plane ride was alhamdullilah smooth. Super sad and nervous to be here all alone. Past work travels, I always had bosses or colleagues for company. This is my first solo work trip, lama pulak tu!

Anyways, this zombie managed to get to the house safely driving in a new car. Back home, when I turn right in the passenger seat, I’ll see my hot and sexy driver. Haha! But now check out my passenger aka travelling partner:

Miss you babies back home! Don’t worry, I’m well and was told that I’m in a safe district.

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7 Responses to Day 1: I’m in Los Angeles, baby!

  1. fisz says:


    May I know how’s driving like in LA and which rental company you took? 🙂



  2. fiszzy says:

    alamak how horrid?

    Will be there in 2wks but masih terkial2 firmingg up the itineraries.


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