Marriage Preparation Course – Kasih Sejati

And so.. Jetlag is taking control of my sleep. Since I’m very wide awake, I shall do a throwback and blog about our marriage preparation course which we went on 31 May and 1 Jun. We went early cos I knew I had to go US sometime later in the year, might as well settle whatever that could be settled asap before I flew off.

We chose Kasih Sejati cos we went for a talk last year and we heard one of the speakers before. He’s rather funny and so we chose Kasih Sejati hoping that it’ll not be a boring 2 day course cos this speaker will be teaching in it. And of cos there were a lot of good reviews on this company.

We understand that it is no longer compulsory for couples to attend the course. You just have to inform your tok kadi that you chose not to go for the course and tok kadi cannot dispute that. Even though it’s not compulsory, me being kiasu wanted us to attend it. You never know right, if they might mention some fun advice on marriage at the course and we don’t know about it? I don’t want to miss out on anything fun! Haha ok joking.. That’s not it of course. It’s more of a good to have and I was thinking we can understand each other better with some guidance from an expert?

At the course, we watched how other couples behave with each other (ok just me la, I’m kaypo that way). When one guy commented on something, I looked out for his gf/tunang’s facial expression. It was funny seeing some grimaces once a while. Hehe.

During the guys vs girls debate, I found it rather hilarious at first. People were throwing spanner (not literally k) at each other across the room. We were supposed to share what it is about your other half that makes you angry/unhappy. I just kept quiet cos it was group work and I liked watching how the other girls think. The girls are generally chatty and dying to contribute cos it was fun to throw spanner so I don’t think anyone noticed that I didn’t contribute to the group discussion. Furthermore, I didn’t really want to share something which I considered as private. Heh.

On the other hand, MrF’s group were obviously the men-men group. Everyone didn’t want to say anything so MrF being the let’s-get-this-done-and-over-with guy, had to say something. I was sitting, relaxing one corner watching everyone’s facial expressions and suddenly lo and behold I heard a familiar voice! I didn’t expect anything from him and so imagine my shock when I heard him throw the spanner at me. OMG. The girls in my group were already giggling and saying “oh it’s about you.”

I can’t recall what the spanner was, but I definitely remembered that there was a spanner (this explains the concept of girls forgive but never forget – I forgave so I can’t remember what’s the issue, but I never forget that there was an issue whatever that may be haha)

Course wasn’t that bad. A mixture of funnies, seriousness and for a short moment teary. I recommend that even if it’s not compulsory, couples should still go.

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2 Responses to Marriage Preparation Course – Kasih Sejati

  1. scootaway says:

    It is no longer compulsory?


    • doublefs says:

      Yeah we read it somewhere sometime early this year and it stated it’s not compulsory. I was trying to find the link for you but I can’t seem to find it now. Sorry about that!


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