Dulang (Gifts exchange trays)

After going around (crazily, I must say) 6 different outlet malls in the US, I changed my mind about having dulangs for our wedding. What started out with the intention to get cheaper dulang items in the US, turned out into something else.

Anyways, I got tired of searching for items so I gave up on the idea of dulangs and luckily, MrF is OK (of cos) with whatever I want (hehe) and the hurdle called “mothers” also wasn’t a hurdle after all.

Some responses I received when I mentioned I don’t want dulangs:

Response 1: Are you sure you don’t want? After kawin, you will never ever get such chances anymore. Husbands do not dote wives like how they dote their girlfriends/tunangs.
Response 2: Just choose anything! Even if you don’t like what you see in the 6 malls. ANYTHING will do! Asalkan branded!
Response 3: Kawan-kawan, let’s psycho her into getting her gifts. She MUST have her gifts.

Funny hor some comments? Anyways, putting aside all comments and responses, to make a simple wedding even simpler, we now only have the mas kawin and the hantaran dulang (for me) and a ring dulang (for him).

The only other items that we have to provide (and instructed by the mothers) are tepak sireh/sireh dara and the bunga rampai (to be distributed after the akad nikah).

Let’s start searching for the mas kawin and your ring, MrF!

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4 Responses to Dulang (Gifts exchange trays)

  1. ^5! exactly the same for me, insyaAllah.

    how was your outlet malls experience? hoping to go US next year and kinda can’t wait to be shopping at their outlet malls? everyone seems to go crazy there…


    • doublefs says:

      US for ur honeymoon? If ur hubby likes shopping, it’ll be heaven for u two hehe
      I like shopping in US in general.. Cos Im tall and hv big feet, I can find shoes in my size easily!
      Levi’s jeans super cheap there by the way.. Buy jeans there k! N if ur into branded goods, u can go crazy for that of cos 🙂


      • I heard, I heard! and also gstar jeans go for relatively cheap too. and hee yes insyaAllah to the US for honeymoon. my bf doesn’t like shopping actually :/ he agreed to go because I *keep* talking about wanting to go NY hehe…


      • doublefs says:

        Haha! Tell him he will enjoy outlet shopping too even if he’s not a shopper. I went with my male boss last yr on a wkend during a work trip, oh boy, he came back with his own bags of goods. Hehe. NY outlet is huuuuge. Ull love it! Can’t wait to read ur post on the shopping 🙂


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