Honeymoon: Eif-fel in love

Falling sick over the weekend meant having to stay at home. The outcome of being at home is our honeymoon itinerary!

I guess jet hopping and driving around might not be a relaxing honeymoon but we are trying to ensure that we do things leisurely (e.g. There’s 10 touristy spots in that area, don’t need to cheong all 10 la. 3-4 also can). What matters is being together and having fun.

Other than looking for touristy places, we need to find relaxing activities like: a hammam and massage session in Morocco. Hehe.

Haven’t done the bookings but we discussed that the last 2 nights must be a super luxurious room for us to really rest and get ready for the slap back to reality (aka work) when we’re back in SG.

We’re not booking this, cos I’m not really a fan of bath tubs, but let me share an interesting hotel room here. IMG_3805.JPG

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