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DJ / Emcee / Host

I am currently panicking cos MrF has gotten his DJ, while I haven’t really looked for mine. haha. I don’t need a sound system as Charisma has it. All I need is someone to talk and play music. Oh it … Continue reading

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Don’t give up on that hijab..

I thought this is a good write up.. Extracted from #Hashtag with Saad Tasleem on YouTube “Does it really matter if I wear hijab or not? Does it matter if somebody wears hijab if they’re committing all these other sins? … Continue reading

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Lagun Sari has a package..

LS is offering a “hard to believe” deal. – kompang (2 way) – DJ – kereta pengantin (not sure what kind) – photography and videography (haven’t asked what and where they’ll take) – gubahan – 20 seater bus For approximately … Continue reading

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Why we didn’t apply for BTO

In matters of relationship, I realised there are always ways that will make things difficult for the couple. For example, before meeting your Mr Right, there wasn’t anyone chasing you. Then when you have that someone, oh wow! Suddenly every … Continue reading

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I just want to share how awesome possum this cupcake is, but I must try to make it wedding related. haha. The best I can think of is..Whoever can afford expensive berkat, this is it, my dear ladies… I can … Continue reading

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Favourable wedding gifts?

Thought of distributing honey as the door gift (even though Charisma has included berkat in the package but I’m feeling kinda itchy fingers and Charisma also said that they can change it to something else in the package if I … Continue reading

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Application for marriage

Sundate with MrF. Main objective is to fill up the application form. Decided on Ust Ma’az (new naib kadi) cos he’s a relative of some sort and my dad is kinda friendly with him. It’ll be like a family event, … Continue reading

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