Everyone is oh-so-pwetty in their wedding photos..

Every once a while, I will browse through Pinterest and look at all the lovely wedding/couple photo shoot.  Kaypo-kaypo and get ideas for ours next year.

I like this one, and most probably with proper angling (hehehe) my big butt won’t be seen in our picture if we do this. MrF needs to fatten up a bit (panda-pandai je salahkan orang lain eh).

Having some A-B-Cs would be good, a break from pictures of the bride and groom’s faces.. haha
When I searched for cute poses, examples of pictures as below. Love the normal clothes to wedding clothes pic!
FullSizeRender-4 FullSizeRender-5FullSizeRender-6

Funky photos:
The idea of going around our honeymoon with matchy-matchy shoes will be kinda funky, ain’t it? Not sure if we will wear it when we’re in Singapore though. I will most probably not wear it often since my workplace requires formal wear and for MrF, I don’t think he’ll want to walk around with a husband tag on the shoes, without the wife beside him.. hehehe..

And of cos, pictures of travelling couples..
FullSizeRender-3 Paris-Wedding-Photo-Shoot-BLoved-600x450 04-pre-wedding-shoot-Barcelonapre-marriage-shoot-paris dip fb-storyboard013 Marianne-Snow1 knoxville-wedding-photography-720x480 wedding-photo-dubai258C5582-3

oh oh oh.. Not forgetting the lying on the grass idea!

And the best picture of all and a must have shot, jeng jeng jeng:
Castlefield_Rooms_wedding_01But so kesian why the wife’s face get cut off? 

For more ideas, click here.

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One Response to Everyone is oh-so-pwetty in their wedding photos..

  1. oh man oh man the camel ones winsss! and I love the groom + groomsmen pic trololol


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