Application for marriage

Sundate with MrF. Main objective is to fill up the application form. Decided on Ust Ma’az (new naib kadi) cos he’s a relative of some sort and my dad is kinda friendly with him. It’ll be like a family event, small and cosy. And I’m hoping that if we lambat, a relative will be quite chill about it. Hehe.

Oh we also got the mas kahwin! MrF so proud of me for being so decisive some more. And of cos, I shocked myself with the without-a-doubt-let’s-get-this-item! It’s like a “you go, girl!” moment! Lol!

Discussed a bit more on the honeymoon but can’t book much cos gotta wait for the airline to get back to us on our queries (da 5 hari seh tunggu). I would like to confirm more of the finer details of our honeymoooooooon, but but but.. Cepat sikit la!

But anyways, still felt so accomplished on Sunday! Super excited nak kawin! Hurhur.

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2 Responses to Application for marriage

  1. congrats on the registration and mas kahwin! did you end up buying it from
    blue nile? 🙂


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