Why we didn’t apply for BTO

In matters of relationship, I realised there are always ways that will make things difficult for the couple.

For example, before meeting your Mr Right, there wasn’t anyone chasing you. Then when you have that someone, oh wow! Suddenly every other person in your life decided to be interested in you too. Siang2 tak nak cakap. Hehe.

On house issues.. When I was buying over the parents’ house, I thought “aiyah, what can happen right? I don’t need a house of my own yet and no hubby anytime soon also” That was when I was single mingle. And mulut celupar tada! After signing terus ada MrF! Haha n now we have a little obstacle to overcome.

I bought over cos parents really wanted to lighten their financial load (as they were still paying quite a sum monthly). They’re old and nearly retired, you wouldn’t want to see them slogging some more right? Furthermore, they can get cold hard cash out of this whole sale for them to keep for their old age.

Of cos I wasn’t losing anything also la. I didn’t have to pay COV (back then HDB still had that) and I was paying valuation price, baik kaper cos usually ppl naikkan the price a bit above valuation. Monthly payment will be from CPF which I don’t get to see anyways. Lagi baik tolong orang kan? Haha.

During the house transaction, I didn’t expect MrF and I were serious but look at where we are now.. Kita nak kawin seh! Haha!

Some friends told me that in order to add new second owner’s name and include his CPF, one would need to pay $5000. Nearly wanted to bash HDB for such ridiculous payments. But before I start bashing people, I spoke with my house agent first, she said she’ll check it out with my bank and HDB if it’s true.

Hopefully it’s not a big sum to pay. At most I can accept is $500 la for such a transaction. If $5000, lebih baik takya add the name cos I don’t want them to take our $5000 just like that laaaa.. Boleh pegi umrah seh with that money.. but my house agent said “must add cos nanti your hubby kecik hati cos his name is not in the house.. Da kawin but house name lain2.. Kelakar kaper”

Yeah I know, sebab tu stress about this lor. Let’s hope it’s good news for the house matters! Amin! HDB you da kaya, tak payah amik our money k? Haha.

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6 Responses to Why we didn’t apply for BTO

  1. wow you getz a resale! I would have loved to get one because they’re more spacious but the sky high COV in the past 2-3 years made me hesitate. anyways hope the fee won’t be too ex!


  2. Me and fiancè also don’t want to buy BTO just coz the space is limited. We’re considering resale but have yet to look around. 🙂


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