Lagun Sari has a package..

LS is offering a “hard to believe” deal.

– kompang (2 way)
– DJ
– kereta pengantin (not sure what kind)
– photography and videography (haven’t asked what and where they’ll take)
– gubahan
– 20 seater bus

For approximately $1.Xk.

Kompang is a group of anak yatim. I thought it’s rather cool to have them, during a moment of celebration we will be reminded to be thankful and definitely humbled by their presence.

But not too sure what the other items are like.

So how now?

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2 Responses to Lagun Sari has a package..

  1. I would be most skeptical on the photog and vid… I personally think it’s better to with vendors you trust on this one rather than leave it to chance. the pics will last forever (well, sort of :p) and there’s no turning back time to retake them if they’re not to your liking 😡


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