DJ / Emcee / Host

I am currently panicking cos MrF has gotten his DJ, while I haven’t really looked for mine. haha. I don’t need a sound system as Charisma has it. All I need is someone to talk and play music. Oh it is also important for him to give directions to all the guests (there will be quite a number of non malays who have never attended a malay wedding before). It’ll be great if the DJ can also baca-baca doa at the reception.

I found this rather interesting company (but a bit more than I am willing to spend). They replied me this way:

“Firstly I would like to thank you for your interest in our services. We are happy to know that there are demands for our unique but unpopular concepts.

To the majority, we are rather reserved and conservative but we are surprised to know we are not alone!

Bookings are made as early as 3 years in advance however I am glad to inform you that we are available on the 28th of March 2015.

I believe you know that we take the religious event, which is walimah urus, very seriously, so we do not have anymore karaoke, D&D/Party games, quizzes and riddles, dances and sabotages or any other against-shariah activities involvement. 

Wedding in Islam or the walimah urus is a sunnah, thus it is an ibadah or a religious activity. As how our prophet Muhammad salallahualaihiwasalam taught us to how a walimah should be carried out, we are trying our very best to reduce the sins and follow the guidelines of how an Islamic event should be carried out. We believe that we should never make Allah subahannallahu ta ala be unpleased with us just because we want to have fun or be happy. Definitely it doesn’t mean that following strict rules is boring. We have witnessed happier walimah urus as compared to our previous traditional concepts.

InsyaAllah, a barakah or a blessed marriage and wedding is our main objective. Representing the family is key.

Among other things, our prophet Muhammad salallahualaihiwasalam emphasised on the importance of hosting the guests. It is an obligatory ibadah to ensure guests are treated well and to leave the non-obligatory activity to prioritise hosting the guest.”

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3 Responses to DJ / Emcee / Host

  1. Salaam dear.. Was blog-hopping and found this entry. It is indeed an interesting concept. May I know the name of the company? If it is not much of a trouble, you could drop me an e-mail at
    Thank you! (:


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