Presentation of duit hantaran

111 days to go!

While I’m excited for that, I was feeling a bit awkward too today. MrF brought up the topic of hantaran (dowry) today and how it should be presented. Never really put much thought into this yet. In my ideal world, I think my inner self think every prob will find it’s own solution gaknye haha.

Feels kinda weird to be receiving so much money just like that. Imagine this..
“Aku terima nikah blah blah blah”…plop a sum of money on your lap. Voila!
I guess money will always be an awkward topic cos I don’t feel like it’s necessary to have this and I’m not working my bontot off to get this sum.

Anyways whatever it is, back to the presentation of that kaching kaching, there’s a few options:
1. Cold hard cash on the dulang (I am very afraid the money will be stolen, lost or God knows what haha)
2. Cheque
3. Bank draft on the dulang, anyone done this before?

4. A symbol of the amount but don’t display everything on the dulang (the rest can be transferred)

However the duit hantaran is presented, I hope hantaran and mas kawin can be on one dulang. Less is gd, no?IMG_4672.JPG

By the way, I found this while I was googling for duit hantaran. Why Singaporeans no have such thing? Hahaha IMG_4671.JPG

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2 Responses to Presentation of duit hantaran

  1. my mum wants my tunang to give a cashier’s order, I think similar to the bank draft. she’s quite concerned that cash might get stolen 😡


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