100 days and “new” home!

100 days to our much awaited date!

MrF thinks it’s goin too fast, while I think it should go even faster. Hehe so now you can see who’s the more excited one? But I know deep inside guys are equally or even more excited la, dorang act chill je. Haha.

Instead of planning the wedding, I’ve been busy refurbishing the house.

First step: change the room doors. (Mom said change so that our house can look like a condo lol) went all the way to Sungei Kadut to find door supplier.

Second step: paint the whole house. I think I’ve got a rather good deal. All the rooms and living room, fixed the kitchen ceiling with plaster, it cost me $1800. The uncle is also very nice some more. His work is not messy. My mom is super happy with the standard of work. Although a bit hard to part with 4 digits, I feel good paying this uncle. Boohoo. But it’s okla, ultimately happy cos it feels like a new place. So clean and bright!/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/d91/72694053/files/2014/12/img_4917.jpg
Hard earned money into your own property, it’s a different feel.

Third step: wait till Mr Handyman aka MrF comes to the house to do the fixing here and there.

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6 Responses to 100 days and “new” home!

  1. wowee, at the 100 days mark already! hope your wedding preps will go smoothly during this last leg 🙂 masyaAllah so generous of you to sponsor the house paint btw!


  2. shidashhrn says:

    Hello! Can give me the contact of the nice uncle who painted your house? Thankkk you!


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