Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

Today 8.30am kita 5 orang da sampai kat SBWR! 5 – me, kakak, BIL and their two kids. Semangat kan.. Alhamdulillah weather was good this morning 🙂

I think we walked approximately 4km around the area. The kids tried their best to keep quiet cos we told them there’s bird watchers here and their noise might chase the birds away. Being such good and obedient girls, they were whispery 90% of the time.

There’s two areas where people can walk. 1. Forest trail (I can’t recall if this is the correct word but you get what I mean..natural trail and very green). 2. Coastal Walk (It is a boardwalk along the Straits of Johor, can see JB and can also take wedding shots here). The pictures below will show the first trail:

Macam secondary school kids dating at SBWR eh, but second picture shows that these couple da ada anak. And of cos I was walking on my own like a stalker trying to get pictures of them. lol.

I remembered someone commenting when I posted a pic on fb of me being a makcik kepo in my kakak’s previous family hike at Macritchie.
R: Why don’t you stop following your sister’s family for such activities? It’s time for you to start your own family and have your own family outing.

Like seriously kurang ajar kan? Not that I know that person so well some more. Even if I have my own family, there’s also a very high chance of both families hanging out at some places together kan.

Anyways back to SBWR story. I think this is a good place for families to spend time together. To put the handphones and laptops away and just enjoy the nature. Might not have much to see, but just spend quality time together. I think we find it fun to “picnic” so we will bring our own packed food and eat at some scenic location.

Always imagine going with my future family for such activities (SBWR, Macritchie, Bt Timah Hill, Gunung Kinabalu.. hehe). InsyaAllah soon! Time single mingle ni, I enjoy my moments as a makcik kepo, Bibik and monopod! (even though I’m very the menyibuk, I’m sure they love my presence la, if not why invite me kan?? lol!!).

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