ROMM interview

In a few days time, it’ll be 2015. Pejam celik pejam celik, soon it’ll be the wedding InsyaAllah 🙂

Today, both MrF and I managed to take leave together to go for our ROMM interview. We didn’t want to take leave in 2015 cos we’re saving it for honeymoon. So better to do it now during the clearing leave period.

Drove separate cars cos we brought both our parents along. Didn’t get to take pictures of the area cos with parents means one kecoh morning. Trying to find the place on a rainy morning with noisy parents at the back, no joke wokay. Alhamdulillah managed to get there safely and on time! 9.30am!

MrF and his parents were early. 9.10am yo! Both parents came so that they can discuss whatever stuff that needs to be settled. A little hiccup on my side, but that’s something I need to learn from, let go and move on. Argh..

Anyways, we got our number from the receptionist. /home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/d91/72694053/files/2014/12/img_5195.jpg
Waited for about 5 min and both MrF and I were called to the counter to verify details and gave the NRICs (wali’s and ours). After signing, we went back to the waiting area.

In another 5 min, my dad was called in. Ustaz Karim Ahmad was the interviewer. My dad came out within 5 min, then it’s my turn to go in alone. Lastly, MrF alone. All done by 10am. Super chop chop.

Questions that were asked:
Awak pernah kawin?
Awak pernah tunang?
Ni anak kandung awak?
Ni anak ke berapa?
Nikah kat mane?
Awak sekarang duduk ngan siapa?

After that, we angkat sumpah. Just repeat after the ustaz.

I was rather nervous actually, rasa mcm nak pegi toilet. During the angkat sumpah, I thot ustaz wanted to high 5 seh. Nasib baik tak high 5 haha!

And my answer to “Awak pernah tunang?” I answered “Pernah, tu kat luar.” Ustaz had to say, “Lain orang takde kan?” Like seriously slaps forehead moment. Lol!

Whatever it is, yay! one more item down! Alhamdulillah!

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4 Responses to ROMM interview

  1. haha nak high 5 eh! insyaAllah I’m gg tmr… hope no long queue!


  2. Haha.. So cute la u..

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  3. says:

    “And my answer to “Awak pernah tunang?” I answered “Pernah, tu kat luar.” Ustaz had to say, “Lain orang takde kan?” Like seriously slaps forehead moment. Lol!” Haha so cute! But alhamdulilah now that you’re done with the interview! 🙂


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