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I love 28

28! Woots! Final 2 months of cheong-ing. WordPress countdown somehow likes to discount the number of months. I guess WordPress is actually counting it as 1 month (29 days), so why no show the number of days? I don’t really … Continue reading

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Pokemon, I choose you..

Haha deceiving title. Just focus on the word “choose” ok? And so, today we went to our bridal place and chose our baju(s). Supposed to have 1 customised baju nikah and 2 baju sanding. Didn’t get to see the baju … Continue reading

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Sireh Dara

Sometime last year, I mentioned that I won’t have many many dulangs. Our plan was to have 2 dulangs from MrF to me (mas kawin with hantaran + sireh junjung) and 2 dulangs from me to him (cincin + sireh … Continue reading

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Wedding Invites

At 7.45am, I started the day complaining to MrF about me being worried that my wedding card lady had run away with my deposit. hehe. No, I’m not so freaky as to be so demanding and look for vendor in … Continue reading

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Food tasting

And so.. I finally did my “food tasting”. Charisma’s version of food tasting: drop by, take a look at the wedding that is going on for that day and then pack some food for us to try at home. MrF … Continue reading

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Isteri gemuk, suami dapat pahala

After the wedding, I think most of us will gain weight (cos happy sangat kan). Just in case anyone needs to justify this to their husbands, let me share what I found on fb account “Suamiku Imamku Isteriku Makmunku” hehehe … Continue reading

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Hello 2015 😘

Pssst…I’ve got a new year’s resolution this year! InsyaAllah this year I’ll achieve this resolution. So what’s that? To get married! Hehe. So what’s yours? Happy 2015 everyone! Semua 2015 BTBs mesti excited giler cos 2015 is finally here!

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