Food tasting

And so.. I finally did my “food tasting”. Charisma’s version of food tasting: drop by, take a look at the wedding that is going on for that day and then pack some food for us to try at home.

MrF had his, a month back or perhaps way longer than that. I guess MrF’s wedding planner a bit more ons than mine. Haha. Their version is.. Family sit down at a table on a weekday, Lagun cook specially for them.

Masing-masing nye style la kan.. We all tak cerewet.

I made the payments for the makan today. Left with 10% to be paid on wedding day. Another heart pain, to see bank account dropping again. I think they should allow monthly installments la.. I think it is not so heartbreaking to part with small sums monthly than suddenly one big sum. My little heart kinda needs some time to recover from the shock (Although I have been expecting this payment since I booked Charisma last year, my heart still likes to be a bit dramatic sometimes hehe).

End of this month, MrF’s turn to see that dip. Be strong, MrF! Hehe.

Let’s hope the guests enjoy our food! And may it be a smooth reception! Amin!

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3 Responses to Food tasting

  1. You can rest assured – your guests will LOVEEEE the food that you’ve catered from them (esp one coming from charisma)! Hehe. My family loveeee charisma’s food. Sedap gils! :))

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