Wedding Invites

At 7.45am, I started the day complaining to MrF about me being worried that my wedding card lady had run away with my deposit. hehe.


No, I’m not so freaky as to be so demanding and look for vendor in every technologically possible way. She just happened to tell me that she sent me an email and I didn’t get it. So I sent an email, no reply for a day, I worried a bit of the possible technical glitch, proceeded to whatsapp her, didn’t see the 2 famous blue ticks and 5 days later decided to SMS her.

Hehe, surprisingly after the complaining, the girl whatsapped me at noon! The powers of complaining to MrF. haha. I received some proposed designs for me to choose from! Excited giler seh! Finally a wedding card with our names printed on it!

I ding-donged with the card vendor electronically the whole afternoon (kinda frustrating cos initial plan was to nap haha). Slightly before magrib, I finally gave the green light to print the cards! Happy giler!

What a change of emotions kan? Complaining, and then excited and then frustrated and finally happy again!

Anyways, a preview of what the card has.

FullSizeRender-7Nice nice? and ada nampak itu heart heart? hee.. thanks to my awesome possum kakak and this kinda cool and famous ambigram artist (aka her husband) who came up with the idea of F with heart heart 🙂

I didn’t realise 28 Mar will fall on 7 Jamadilakhir! (Vendor took her own initiative to include the hijri date.)

Why would this be an interesting fact?!?!?!


MrF’s bday falls on a 14th. Mine on a 21st. Our wedding on 28th. See the connection there? Cepat2 math siapa cepat? Haha. Wedding date wasn’t intentionally chosen to be in multiples of 7, but it happened to be. We were just discussing how to get something to fall on the date 7 just to “complete the series” and today we found the answer! yay!

haha. ok geeky.

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2 Responses to Wedding Invites

  1. geeky indeed… but i got it so i guess i’m geeky too :p nice trick with the hearts inside the Fs!


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