Sireh Dara

Sometime last year, I mentioned that I won’t have many many dulangs. Our plan was to have 2 dulangs from MrF to me (mas kawin with hantaran + sireh junjung) and 2 dulangs from me to him (cincin + sireh dara). The rest of the many many dulangs can be used to serve food and drinks, lagi baik. Hurhur.

Anyways as our wedding date nears, I was trying to find where to get this sireh dara and boy, was I shocked with the price! MrF no prob, Lagun memang provide. Charisma unfortunately doesn’t provide such an item.

Anyways I did research on it and found out what it signifies. And wow, I’m shocked again. No wonder a colleague once told me, “Kau kena ada sireh dara, tu nyatakan kau mulia!”

After research, baru la faham ape tu mulia. Don’t you think we have a mean community? Selalu buruk sangka. Takde means takde la. Why must everyone think that the girl is you know.. tak… mulia?

After the researching and not wanting to pay for something to represent my mulia-ness (I think letak banner to inform everyone also $30 at most and also konon2 very principled la ni.. haha), jeng jeng jeng.. This stubborn BTB decided to act up. I told my mom it’s not wajib and I’m not going to have this for my wedding. My parents after MUCH deliberation said they’re fine with it if my future in-laws are fine too.

One hurdle down.

Next up, MrF told his parents and (they were initially a bit worried for me cos it’s my status that’s being questioned but I guess since the bride da stubborn and doesn’t seem to care about it) they’re ok too! Alhamdulillah.

Second and final hurdle down.

And so, that means one dulang each from both sides. That’s all! If I reduce this any further, I will be smacked left right centre. Confirm nye. Haha!

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10 Responses to Sireh Dara

  1. I also wish to do away with such thing but dunno if the my family is agreeable. I dunno if I dare try. :/


  2. haha oh bur sireh daras xan be so pretty! ok shallow response :p just curious, whats the market price you found?


    • doublefs says:

      Haha! Yeah they’re pretty and cute too! Some have cages now. Hmm cheapest I found was $80 (excl $25 for delivery and return). Most of those I saw are around $120-180(excl $25 delivery). I guess it’s an OK price la.. As compared to da bayar beribu for every other wedding thing… Just that no one eats sireh now and after paying 100s, the daun2 and bunga2 get thrown away.. heh


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  4. sugarfreevani11a says:

    hi 5!!!frm day 1 my fam was against all these sireh2 stuff..I dnt understand hw tat signifies mulianess..buat menyusahkan orang more like it..n doing 1 dulang just makes life easy kan…im doing that 2..


  5. sugarnova says:

    We made sireh dara at the last minute, the night before the wedding – because we totally forgot abt it.

    And…. Bila nikah, in the flurry of activities and photo takings… Everyone forgot about the sireh dara. It was nowhere in our nikah pics. LOL. Even the groom’s family pun terlupa nak bring back.

    We realised that semua orang terlupa sireh dara when we were clearing up the stuff after the event. Dia tengah rilek one corner pat living room :p


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