Pokemon, I choose you..

Haha deceiving title. Just focus on the word “choose” ok?

And so, today we went to our bridal place and chose our baju(s).

Supposed to have 1 customised baju nikah and 2 baju sanding. Didn’t get to see the baju nikah cos it’s not ready yet (That means gotta go down again..aiyaya)

I’m not sure how choosing of outfits is typically done. I imagined it to be fun, instead boring-me got a headache and ended up wanting to puke at the end of the whole thing. Haha.

There’s so many from the rack that I can choose from but I prefer looking at pictures first and then goin to the rack to take a look. Choosing off the rack, was a bit overwhelming and puke inducing.

Before going there, I was kinda worried that I won’t fit into any of the bajus. Next worry, even if I can fit into one, I was afraid it’s the not so nice one? Haha. I’m rather tall (big bones too) and I usually can’t buy the normal top or jubah or dress (unless I request for additional material at the bottom). Either sleeves too short or my ankles will be playing peek-a-boo. Susah la org2 with height mcm model but sorry badan tak slim-mlim mcm model haha!

But to my surprise, I can fit into the bajus! (Actually it’s a valid worry, cos I went to a few bridals before and they told me my sleeves might be a bit pendek cos I have broad shoulders. This final one that I signed up with said they would have no issues with my size. But hehe still worry until today!). I am quite amazed with how they can sew and unpick the bajus to change the sizes according to the brides. (Ok sorry jakun, I failed at sewing during home econs hehe).

I didn’t have time to research on what to bring for such fitting/choosing. However, good thing I wore long tights and long sleeve inner. The girl went in with me as I took off my clothes. She was just staring at me and waiting to help me put on the bridal bajus. Or else memalukan je can see my not so pretty those-items-that-can’t-be-mentioned haha

Being the selenger me, I only took some pic of myself and what’s worse! The pic are of those that I didn’t choose! Those that I like, entah knp lupa nak amik. Too shiok tgk kat mirror gaknye haha

No intention to take this kind. But you know la, will never ever get the chance to try such stuff so I tried on a puffy puffy dress. It was rather fun to have all the ribbon2 stuff at the back. MrF said I reminded him of Corpse Bride though.. Thanks eh MrF. Such kind words.
Next one is the normal melayu lacy baju. First time pakai corset and it enhanced hmm yeah a certain area. I felt like a dumpling. I wonder if everyone feels fat when they wear a corset. 2015/01/img_5623-0.jpg
While I didn’t quite enjoy putting on and getting out of a lot of bajus, I however enjoyed looking at my “bendahara” trying on the baju melayu. The bajus were rather big for MrF and it kinda engulfed him. I definitely had the time of my life laughing just now. He’ll kill me if I put his cute photos here haha.

But but but.. Him in a suit was rather wow though heh.

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2 Responses to Pokemon, I choose you..

  1. just says:

    Pokemon, which is short for pocket monster, is the general name that u called any of the “monster” character and the title of the show itself…. so in ur case, the title of ur blog should be the name of one of the monster itslf…ect…pikachu, I choose you…


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