I love 28


28! Woots! Final 2 months of cheong-ing. WordPress countdown somehow likes to discount the number of months. I guess WordPress is actually counting it as 1 month (29 days), so why no show the number of days? I don’t really know if it’s possible to break it down further into months and days.

More updates of doubleFs’ lives. MrF applied for the International Driving Permit for our self drive honeymoon. We heard and read that Europeans are rather particular when it comes to driving. We even need reflective jackets in the car; just in case we need to get down from the car when we’re on their expressways. Failure to don the “much-fashionable jacket” will result in a hole in our pockets. booo! Their Traffic Police can even choose to test you wokay. For example, they will signal to a car to ask them to stop by the shoulder (of an expressway). If you tergesa-gesa get out of the car without that fashion statement item, tet! booked! charged! fined! It is better for one to take his/her own sweet time putting on the jacket and get out of the car when everything is in perfect condition. Remember, only Singaporeans live in a very fast paced world. Almost everywhere else in the world has a more relaxing lifestyle. Why so gancheong, Singaporeans?! haha!


Besides that IDP, I have received my wedding invites and have been slowly writing names on it. The mother said I cannot send/pass my cards out until mid Feb/early Mar. Mother dear only allowed me to mail the overseas ones out. As instructed, that was what I did this week. Very touched that some friends are taking leave to fly in to Sg for our wedding! yay to more-than-a-decade old friends!

IMG_5673I also did some online shopping for my wedding shoes. heh. I know ada lembabs sikit. I’m also quite amazed with myself that I am quite chill over shoes despite knowing that I usually have difficulties finding my size in Singapore. Oh wells, hopefully when the shoes come, I can fit and there’ll be no issue with it. Amin!


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  1. wahhh so all cards have to passed by hand/in person? pretty cool if so!


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