Happy happy makan session before wedding

MrF will be flying off to Phuket with his boys this coming Wednesday. May it be a smooth and safe trip for MrF. Amin.

As for me, I had my so called makan trip over the CNY break with a gf. Nowhere far, cos I would like to stay grounded as much as possible, therefore I have chosen not to fly anywhere hurhur. Boss was also kind enough to let me off from flying for the first 3 months in 2015. Thank you boss! Cakap punye cakap, I nvr say where I went eh. Haha gd ole KL la! Sanggup tahan coach journey just cos I wanted to stay grounded.

Original Plan:
Reach KL on Friday 12 noon (by Starmart Express)
Reach Singapore on Sunday 7pm (by Qistna Express)

Coming back was a horror. 1am on Monday morning! Cos sharing is caring, and my intention is to prevent potential customers from facing the same stress that we did, please do not take or even have the thought of trying QE. After our journey, we decided to check reviews (I know order terbalik and should have checked reviews first but da banyak kali pegi KL and tak pernah gini, who would have expected a bus company to be this bad) and based on the reviews, it seemed that it’s a typical QE style.

– Made customers wait for their bus to come
– When it finally came, they will merge two timings into one bus. Lets say you booked 2pm slot and another guy booked 3pm. Bus comes at 4pm, they will put 2pm and 3pm together. 4pm slot, you tunggu la next bus. Where got such arrangement one? 2pm means leave at 2pm la! Kesian orang 2pm wait a longer period.
– Then they will move to 2 other locations to pick more customers up (words of advice, better be the ones to board at the first location cos I asked the guy what time was his supposed bus and he said 12.45pm. it was 6.30pm when we picked him up.)
– Then at Johor, they made us change to another bus. From a 24 seater bus to a 44 seater bus (they combined two 24 seater buses into one before goin into Singapore!)

Cheater bug betul.. Don’t ever take Qistna Express wokay.

Okla other than the drama to get ourselves home, we enjoyed our whole trip totally! Makan macam tak ingat dunia haha.

Stayed: WOLO hotel (very new hotel, so everything still looks good. Shower pressure awesome, hot shower water great, room clean, gym ok not bad, katil mcm jap style, room very very tiny but enough for 2 girls)

Makan-makan (let your eyes do the feasting, our peruts da buat over the weekend haha):














You all also can feast on this one if you’re interested. haha. I was more interested in his food and how he was with his wife. His cafe rocks, good food and awesome desserts! Not a bratty celebrity, went around talking to all customers and and and the best part, he was so so soooooo sweet to his wife. Not really bad PDA la, but just enough for a married muslim couple to portray in public 🙂

Okies MrF, over to you. Go enjoy your trip with your boys. 🙂

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