It’s March, baby!

Woke up to a work call and got pulled into a tug of war between two bosses. Sucky but heck la. I’ll resolve it tomorrow. Cos whatever happens, nothing gonna bring me down cos….

My favourite month is here! The countdown is in days now. Excited much!

MrF is also back from Phuket. Alhamdulillah, both his flights were smooth. It was his wedding gift from his colleagues. I fussed quite a bit for this trip and I think he might not have enjoyed it. Ooops! I’m asking for trouble gaknye. Heh!

Moving on to a less cari pasal kinda piece of news, my friend and her hubby just gave us a wedding gift!

Gf: I got you a wedding gift! It’s big! Kena pakai sebelum malam pertama ok? MrF satu, you satu. And kena hide from mama (she calls my mom that)

Alamak, with that kinda suspense I told her I didn’t want it. But mati2 she said kena amik cos da beli pun. And so she gave it to me last night. Jeng jeng jeng!

Gf: Tau tak sebelum ahem ahem kena buat ape?

Me: Tau, lepas nikah sujud syukur and before ahem ahem solat sunat and bila nak ahem ahem, good to have wudhu.

Gf: Pandai! And before that ahem ahem kena pakai ni. *presented the big big items* nah, you and your imam kena pakai ni ok?

She gave me two carpets (thick padded kinda carpet) that can be used as sejadah. Alhamdulillah! Love love such friends!

But MrF got a nicer carpet. How come he’s so lucky get two gifts and from my friend nicer one some more? Booo.. Haha, da dpt masih tak bersyukur! Tsk tsk! Joking hehe

Love it no matter what. Cos for my imam means it’s for me too. Happy happy sangat seh 😍

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8 Responses to It’s March, baby!

  1. route2wed says:

    Full of suspense your post! Hahaha I was thinking of other things and tak terfikir pun sejadah. Its a great gift afterall, Insyaallah everything will go smooth during your event babe 😊


  2. haha ooh I wanted to buy one from Bandung but one shop din have it in the right colour and I never got around to it 😦 me want squishy sejadah too!


  3. szaifa says:

    A ah seh suspense habes!!


  4. scootaway says:

    I thought your friend nak kasi parking coupon seh. Hahahahahahahahha pasal the first thing i saw was the pic


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