My kakak just shared something that made me go, “Wow! That’s it!”

Every couple will go through different obstacles before their majlis cos nikah is an ibadah (aka membina masjid). 

So what do we know from this? Siapa yang tak suka ibadah? 

Yes, syaitan. (Clever semua BTBs! lol)

And so, syaitan will try it’s very best to hasut and prevent an ibadah from happening. That means all hell can break lose man!

What do we have to do in this case?

Banyak bersabar, mengucap, solat and ingat Allah swt 😁 hehe

All the best everyone in this perjuangan!

22 days for MrF and I. I seriously wish time could go faster and everyone to stay sane till my nikah. Anytime after nikah, gasak korang la! Haha! 

During such emotional and pimple inducing moments, I wanna thank MrF for being around despite me being such a bontot (taken from lil niece’s vocab) and I am truly lucky to have 3 sisters. 

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5 Responses to Cobaan

  1. kefreenhyda says:

    Wah exciting nye congrats and I doakan yg terbaik smooth sailing event insha allah. Yes obstacles I am feeling it now at 7mths phew.❤️ Hyda


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