I can never imagine..

..a dugaan this big 😢 

I wonder what other couples have experienced before.

Based on my (biased) research and a show of hands (haha), no one said their dugaan can beat mine. Boleh eh gini, competitive tahap mereps!

Anyway, whatever it is, please make the final 17 days a smoother journey for me. May we reach and complete the nikah properly, with the relevant parties present! We really want to bina masjid here! Please make it easy!

Amin 🙏

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10 Responses to I can never imagine..

  1. route2wed says:

    Insyaallah dear, after every thunderstorm, there would be a rainbow. You’re so close, just endure and crumble all the dugaan, cobaan and everything negative that ends with aan and hinder away from all the hasutan syaitans. As soon as you know it, you’re someone’s wife, Insyaallah.

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  2. oh no, what happened babe? here’s praying for Allah swt to make your affairs easy. *hugs*!

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    • doublefs says:

      I’m having wali issues, have to think of ways to get ourselves nikah-ed. Staying positive, cos we believe good things will end up well kan..AMIN!! love the BTBs community, hoping the many many doas can work in MrF and my favour!


  3. sugarfreevani11a says:

    Hang in there dear. Yes there will always be dugaan but u guys have been through too much and getting too close. Always think of the all the good before letting the negative poison u. Just kick the dugaan aside n push on! My prayers are with u and ur families. Hugs.

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  4. nzxxsz says:

    17 days left, you can do it babe!! Ganbatte!!!

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  5. ariescinderella says:

    Insya Allah, you can do it!

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  6. Stay strong babe! Byk berdoa, Insyallah dipermudahkan.

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  7. jujupsie says:

    You can do this! *hugs*

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  8. Jiayouhh babe!! Insya Allah everything will go smoothly for you!

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  9. Dee🌼R-theRock💪 says:

    Semoga semuanya dipermudahkan dear. In shaa Allah*hugs*


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