Mr and Mrs F @ Honeymoon


Alhamdulillah we’ve been married for 13 days! Da nearly 2 weeks, wow tak sangka! 

Most probably update about the 28th when I’m back. Still on holiday huhu. Haven’t been at work since the 26th, what’s work eh? Hehehe. Loving the time spent with MrF at honeymoon now. Doing nothing and everything haha. 

Been receiving lots of well wishes here in Spain once people found out that we just got married. One even said that she can see the love between us and we look so happy (itu pun kalau kita understood her English correctly haha, but I choose to believe that la)   

Don’t wanna type so much, so here’s some pictures of the awesome food, scenery and activity in Spain.

How happy were we when we found out that the seafood in this shop is not fried in lard or alcohol batter. Hurhur.     

Clear blue sky yang Singapore tak pernah ada haha  

Flamenco dance baby!  

Dating during sunset bersama suami. Such bliss😘 hehe  

Alright that’s all for now! May the good times continue for MrF and I. Through hardships and fun times, MrF! You and me! 

Adios amigos!

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One Response to Mr and Mrs F @ Honeymoon

  1. alah jealous nye! lolol. the last pic is really gorgeous. travel safe you!

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