Review from us

Alhamdulillah, we’ve been married for more than 2 good weeks yo! Life’s different but it definitely feels awesome being together!

Tengah kat padang pasir and waiting for dinner. Lotsa time so here’s a LENGTHY review of our day and some of our vendors. Typing from the phone, hope the post turns out alright haha


10.30am – Nikah at 2nd floor Charisma

11.00am to 2.00pm – We were at my side of the reception at Charisma (11-12 we changed our baju)

2.00pm to 2.10pm – We made our way to Lagun which is super nearby

2.10pm to 3.45pm – We were at MrF’s reception

3.45pm – kelam kabut made our way up to do our zohor. 

Kinda relaxing itinerary cos we only had one baju sanding. We squeezed nikah and 2 receptions in one day cos we are just lazy that way haha. We made our receptions end by 4pm cos we wanted to make sure we can make it in time for zohor. As everyone is aware, prayer is really important, I’m really no one to be preaching but cos sharing is caring.. So just sharing the basis of our choice in itinerary. All events or things in our lives must include prayers. We wouldn’t want to start our “new masjid” by missing our first prayer as husband and wife. Hehe alhamdulillah, we made it for zohor even though it’s a last minute zohor (not perfect la tu.. Hehe) so BTBs, don’t miss prayers just for a wedding reception ok?

Ok! Enough of preaching so here’s the reviews:

Charisma D’venue Restaurant

Guests said they love the food. Ayu, the person in charge of our event was kind enough to accommodate all my requests. Venue is expected to be small but suitable for my 300 pax. My concept was white wedding and Charisma lived up to it (actually more like they have a white concept and I just said “ok go” with it haha).

The only bad thing would be the closing time. I expected to get till 5pm (since the booking was for 11am-5pm) but they closed it at 4pm cos I guess I told them that my wedding invite stated 4pm. (Doesn’t mean I should be shortchanged of my timing kan). By 3.45pm, we were asked to pack up and some of our guests didn’t get to eat 😦 they wanted to prep for the next wedding in the evening. And so, now I need to bawak balik lebih souvenirs cos some ppl tak dpt mkn kat my wedding. Booo..

Lagun Sari Java Room @ Level 2

MrF’s reception was held here. Guests also commented that Lagun had good food. Sampai the MIL bought extra rendang back! Room is big and cosy for 350pax. The stage for the pelamin was biiiiig and fancier than Charisma’s. The in-house kompang and dj were good and entertaining. The cameramen that came with Lagun’s package were kinda in our faces. We had Pixelmuse as our official photographers and we didn’t want TWO more “official” ones. Perhaps there’ll be some photos where our faces look irritated in the pic haha. Cik Sunato, MrF’s wedding planner was overly enthusiastic and truly helpful. 

Signature Bridal

We got 3 bajus from bridal. 1 tailored and the other 2 rented. Our initial plan was to wear tailored one for nikah and 1 sanding baju on 28 Mar. Then wear the 2nd rented baju on 30 Mar for our outdoor shoot day. Signature said we can return the bajus on Tues, 31 Mar. So we thought we could use it for our shoot. But Signature wanted to charge us another $250 for our 3rd baju cos we wanna use it for shoot padahal we already paid for the cost of 3 bajus!! And so… At our final fitting, 4 days before our wedding, we told them we wanted to forgo the 3rd baju. In the end, we only took 2 bajus for 28 Mar (but paid for 3 bajus, they didn’t give us a discount at all! 😠😠😠). We don’t mind having less baju cos DoubleFs memang tak fancy-mancy but at least charge a bit less la, $50 pun jadi seh). 

Okla, despite the drama I love the baju sanding. It’s oh-so-pretty like a mermaid.    


Tailored baju was okok la.. But just a tip, please remember to tell ur tailor that you don’t want padding at the boobs when they tailor bridal baju. Somehow it’s a norm for some tailors to put extras there. Oh wells..

The tudung styling could be better. Perhaps this is my fault cos didn’t get to discuss much with the Mak Andam for this and in the end didn’t bring enough tudung stuff for what I want. Another oh wells.. 

For the make up, Signature bridal is famous for their Pak Andam (Remy Mohamed). I didn’t take him cos tak nak a guy la kan.. I first met my Mak Andam on 28th itself. All the while I’ve been discussing with Remy for all that I want. Mak Andam, hmmm.. relied everything on what Remy told her. I guess pass-the-message-game didn’t quite work out. Haha. The make up was waaaay too much and the word “simple” wasn’t in Signature’s dictionary I think. I think I look like all their other brides haha. 

I think make up lawar la but just not my style. Could have been better make up and tudung styling la. But heck la, da kawin pun. Got better things to think abt hehe. Oh I think guests will always say bride lawar anyways. So you won’t really know if make up is tak lawar. Haha!

ID Photobooth

I took photobooth cos I was afraid Charisma D’venue Restaurant would be too small for all the guests and I wanted half the guests to play with booth first while the other half eats or something like that. Turned out that venue was OK and my guests were really really really shy to play with the booth. 

Oh about the booth.. Sharifah, the owner of this booth is a super nice lady. Easy to chat with her and super arty farty. I just tell her what I want and then she does it in her own style with my request in mind. Senang my keje you.. Haha kita boleh bual mcm da lame kawan gitu. Tanye Sharifah pregnant baby boy ke girl. Kepo kan pengantin ni haha. Can’t wait to collect the photos and the guestbook from her once we’re back from honeymoon!

Pixelmuse Photography (edited after experiencing bad service)

For our big day, we didn’t get Iskandar and Yani. We got two other young chaps. Okla they supposedly hv the same style as Isk and Yani. 
For our outdoor shoot, we got Isk and Yani though. Really fun couple during the session (but bila nak minta gambar.. aduuuh berbulan tunggu.. and the “fun” couple will go MIA.. if u ever get them, they’ll come out with lotsa excuses on why the pic are not ready). Many couples have been chasing them too. Contract says 3mth, some couples get theirs at their 1 yr anni (with lotsa chasing of cos). One even got a botched up video and some gave up chasing without getting all their promised items. Oh wells, BTBs you’ve been warned 🙂

Isabelle Heaven Henna

This one rocks big time! Love the henna which I showed a preview in an earlier post. Friendly girl and I found out her best friend is my close friend. Small world la kan..

Outdoor shoot make up

I engaged vainbrained (Instagram) for the make up shoot. Nasib baik outdoor shoot was her and not Signature. She gave me a better look (in my personal opinion eh.. Haha)


Overall it was a fun experience despite the many many complaints above. Haha. What’s important is.. Kita da kawin! Hurhur.. Kita semua tak penat sangat.. cos semua included in package. Family pun tak payah susah2 rewang to prep the night before. 

I guess that concludes The DoubleFs’ kawin-kawin series! Gonna continue enjoying the last few days of our honeymoon before we have to face the worst Monday blues of our lives! 

Ma as salamah all! 


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8 Responses to Review from us

  1. ariescinderella says:

    Selamat pengantin baru!! Ur songket trail is like similar to peti solek! Congrats may u have blissful marriage filled wif abundance of wealth n health!! 😀


  2. issamarissa says:

    the last picture is soooooooooo pretty! mcm nak golek2 je! hehe 😀


  3. route2wed says:

    Congratulations and selamat pengantin baru! Totally agree with the solat part! And and that looks like dubai! So funnnn!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Selamat pengantin baruuu! Oh and thank u for the reminder abt the solat! Didnt think to slot that in as part of my itinerary. But alhamdulillah for the reminder! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Fiza says:

    i’m getting vainbrained as my MUA for my wedding soon!! i can calm down a bit coz u gave her a good review. cant wait!! heheheh


  6. Dee says:

    hello! i am taking signature too and i tried on this dress when i went for selection heheh. but ended up taking another. i am taking a female MUA also but i am not sure which because remy is going to decide it for me. hopefully she’s good!


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