A whole new world


Life’s different, I must say.

After our big fat Malay wedding, MrF moved in to stay with my side BUT that’s not his biggest nightmare. His biggest nightmare: moving out of his East side! Lotsa adjustment for him. Kesian MrF. Heh.

Lucky for us, we got 3 whole weeks of honeymoon out of the east or north side for us to have our very own “us” time and really learn about each other.

First trip and first flight together. Alhamdulillah we survived our holiday! It didn’t break us, instead it bonded us. Yay!

Spain and Morocco such awesome places for a holiday.

Spain – self drive. When I said “self”, it’s really singular self. Haha. MrF alone drove the whole journey; a total of 2200km. Good job MrF! Keje keras nye honeymoon. We also stayed in Airbnb. We got our own apartment in the different cities (Cordoba, Seville, Granada and Barcelona). I think it was a good idea to stay in Airbnb, (besides saving money) we also practised masak2 and doing laundry together. So it was a preview of having our own home (before we actually have it in future in sha Allah).

Morocco – we took a desert tour, they drove us from Marrakesh to Fes. We slept in the desert for a night (gelap gelita can see so many stars, romantic seh!) and the rest of the nights, we were treated like king and queen sleeping in Morocco riads (hotels). They are the best ah. Got lotsa personal touch. Our riad room got upgraded cos we’re on honeymoon. Woots! Breakfast is always served personally. N halal food was EVERYWHERE. Makan mcm tak ingat dunia (Okla just me, MrF ate like a normal person. I was like a monster haha).

Despite the many halal food, nearing the end of our long long trip, the Melayus in us were craving for mee rebus, mee soto, nasi rawon, sambal sardin etc etc. lols. Touched down terus cari makan!

And so.. a week went by since we came back from our honeymoon. Now we’re back to reality and of cos our Melayu food haha. We went through one whole week of work and survived it too! 

Not as much “us” time as compared to the honeymoon cos of the long work hours and the staying with family(ies) but we’ll work around it in sha Allah.

Can’t say we’ve experienced the married life fully. Still in the honeymoon stage so cannot be so yaya and say we’re experts haha. Lotsa stuff to learn here and there. Nanti da 5 tahun, kita kasi review lagi eh haha!

I guess for now, I feel that it’s fun exploring new things together and always having someone around. May Allah bless our marriage and last till Jannah! Amin!

On a little side note, I’m thankful it’s MrF I’m married to. I hope you are too! Huhu!

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6 Responses to A whole new world

  1. Wahhh… You went to Maroc too! Did you shop till you drop at Marrakech? 🙊 Miss those places sooo much! Spain especially, when you learnt the Islamic history, it feels so sayu. 😢 And yes, Airbnb ftw! Saves a lot!


  2. fashasamsudin says:

    Sounds amazing!!! I’m planning on a Spanish honeymoon too! Any useful tips? Good hotels/apartments to recommend?


    • doublefs says:

      Learn a bit of Spanish cos not many speak English (unless it’s the big city like Barcelona). Especially for food – pork, ham, lard etc. Must go Alhambra in Granada and Gaudi in Barcelona. Pretty places! Apartments I just got them at Airbnb, get those with easy parking (if ur driving) or near metro. Book the attractions in advance so u don’t hv to line up or worse, tickets sold out that day. It’s nice to go when the weather is around 15-20 deg. Winter will have shorter days and too cold to walk and sightsee. Summer will have longer days BUT too hot to walk. Hope that ur goin the correct month! Happy planning!

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      • fashasamsudin says:

        Ooh thank you for such useful tips! Could I get your email add perhaps? I’m planning to book stuff early next year to score cheaper tix and all that. How was the experience driving there?


      • doublefs says:

        You may drop me an email at inarf21@yahoo.com
        Driving was easy but must make sure the co-driver can give gd directions and keep a look out. Cos the driving is on the oppo side.


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