MrF, let’s go for a holiday again..

Hello hello πŸ™‚ it’s been a while huh?

Life after the wedding: too busy to blog. My brain is still adjusting to the fact that there’s two of us to think of whenever I want to do something. 

For example, the first thing I usually do when I reach home from work, is to eat dinner ALONE. Amik pinggan sendiri, duduk kat living room and makan. And I like to eat light without rice. Just “rata” the dishes. Now, I gotta think of waiting for my husband. Tunggu suami balik, amik DUA pinggan, serve lauk and makan kat dapur on a proper dining table. That’s not all, I seem to be eating more too. Agaknye betul la orang cakap, bila happy banyak makan.. need to go back to eating less and before 7pm cos the weight is going against gravity πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

MrF and I are working 5 day week. We stay in the north on weekdays. Friday nights and Saturdays we spend our time in the east with MrF’s family. 

MrF started a new job after the honeymoon and alhamdulillah it seems to be a good stepping stone for his future. As for me, same old same old hehe. Bosses tak kasi chance lepas balik honeymoon. “Nah amik all the work balik!”

And now, feeling a bit sickly cos the people in office have been passing the virus around. Added to that we had a big event on Tuesday and Thursday where we were out in the sun. Sick on a weekend. πŸ˜– how miserable.

Anyways before I fell sick, we thought we could do an impromptu thing. Usually I’ll bring my weekend bag to work on Friday cos we will go straight to the east for our staycation. Yesterday I added one extra item in the bag: our passports. Heh. If only we could just go airport/ferry terminal randomly and fly/ship ourselves out somewhere over the weekend.. Lol

Oh wells.. I am on the bed in Singapore now.. next time perhaps? Looking through holiday pictures pun jadilah..  

Walking along the streets in Fes, Morocco:  

Sharing the love in Barcelona hehe:  

A tender moment in Valencia:  

Waiting to grow old together in Granada lol: 

 How I miss holidaying!

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One Response to MrF, let’s go for a holiday again..

  1. get well soon! hopefully next few weeks ada chan πŸ˜€


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