Mid week date

Life after wedding: fun cos of honeymoon and the new experiments

Life after honeymoon: busy and always very tired cos need to juggle work and the new marriage life. Bedtime (I meant literally sleeping eh) has been brought forward to right after isyak on some nights!

Life after 2 months of marriage: got the hang of the multiple new tasks that need to be done and can explore new hobby and even sleep past midnight now! Lol!

Anyways, despite the tiredness, MrF and I always make it a point to have a short mid week date every week. Having a simple meal at hawker centre nearby pun jadilah, asalkan keluar bersama. Weekends we split our time between the East (his side), North (mine) and a bit of us time. Our mid week date this week ada atas sikit. Not hawker centre but Krave Cafe at Bali Lane. I thought the food was really good! Burger was nicely done (not dry), spaghetti was good with the thicker than usual bacon slices, cempedak Creme brûlée was great (might be biased cos I’m a fan of cempedak) and best of all fried Mars bars with ice cream. Let me allow your eyes to feast on the desserts… haha! 

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One Response to Mid week date

  1. Aifa says:

    Best kan Krave!! Esp the Mars Attack!! 😀

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