Kali pertama..

Kali pertama ape eh? Hehehe

Kali pertama bertentang mata… Dengan siapa eh? Dengan bakal mertua oi…

Today’s topic came about cos the younger sis just met her bf’s parents for the first time. Nerve wrecking moment for her and it reminded MrF and I of our respective sessions. It’s such an important step before we can proceed to be a gtb/btb. It can actually be a make or break situation I believe. If there’s chemistry, lucky you. If there’s an explosion, sorry for you. 

As for DoubleFs’ meet the parents session, we kept it short and sweet. MrF’s first meet up was super short. I was kind enough to plan such that MrF only met them for 15 min. After that we had to rush off for him to send me off for my KL trip. For my session, it was during raya. Went over to MrF’s house and met the in laws. It was timed nicely such that only the parents were there. No siblings to add on to the interrogation (lol) panel. I chose raya cos boleh pakai baju kurung (ala ala wanita melayu terakhir) sejuk perut in laws bila nampak anak dorang bawak balik wanita melayu terakhir. Hahahaha!

Alhamdulillah, both sets of parents super chill and tak halau anyone of us out. “Pergi kau dari sini! Aku tak suka kau berkawan ngan anak aku!” Boleh gitu eh? 

Thankfully no dramas for ours, different sessions but generally same questions that ran though our heads:

  • Will the parents like me?
  • Will I be able to answer all their questions well?
  • Can I get along with them in future?
  • Kena tolong cuci pinggan lepas makan tak? (Assuming parents give food la)
  • Do I need to ask parents any questions?

I told the sister, you marry the family when you marry the guy. So better be sure that you’re ok with the family and vice versa. No matter how much you lub lub your husband/wife, there’s always a limit to how much you can take if the in laws are evil right? I think parents’ support plays a big role in a successful marriage.

So can anyone recall your first time?

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6 Responses to Kali pertama..

  1. nrms_x says:

    I will meet my future in law during raya too for the first time. (2nd week of raya) it’s nerve wrecking for me but at the same time I’m looking forward to meet them as well


  2. omg I don’t remember my experience. think it could have been raya, but I was with a group of friends in the earlier years, so it wasn’t really a perkenalan sesh.

    I was hoping you were gg to tell us kali pertama bertentang mata ngan mrF…


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