Time check

Just saw WordPress notification that I just passed my 1 year anniversary of blogging. Hehe 1 year je? 

And The DoubleFs are going into our 5th month of marriagehood. Very very fast yo!
Still learning a lot. Thankfully still very happy with each other, alhamdulillah. Although at times I think we both feel like strangling the other. Hehe. 

Before marriage, I had this theory of testing MrF by making him very very angry to see how far he’ll go. Mane tau he end up beating me up ke? Hahahaha. But one thing about MrF, he’s super relaxed je. 

In these few months of marriage, when we argue it’s the same too. I get all dramatic and even ter-say all the harsh words while he will quietly close up first to contain his anger and will talk about it later. The issue here is, while he’s trying to contain it.. I’ll be this crazy woman trying to rile him further. You know it’s seriously a good thing that opposites attract; there’s someone sane who is able to stabilise the mad woman. Hahaha.

We definitely learnt a lot as a married couple and I think even at 50th year anniversary (inshallah) we’ll still be learning. We’re struggling to spend time together cos of the busy work schedules (haizzzz in SG both must work) and also cos some situations and events require us to be separated. 

But then again, I guess it’s good to have such struggles.. Cos without these struggles, we will not realise and appreciate the good times together. 

On a tak malu side note, my birthday is coming this Friday! Love it when it’s a Friday! And by taking birthday leave (yes my workplace has it!) I’ll get a long weekend! MrF is still thinking what to get me. I also have no idea what I want besides a holiday… Haha

And another side note, I just read this article. I thought it’s rather sweet. Do check out this link: I promise

Alright! Have a good Sunday y’all’s!

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