(sing along to the Jalil Hamid Raya song hehe)
Bila sebut pasal bandung,
Semua ingat air bandung
Tapi jangan pulak kita lupa
Ada seribu satu kata
Berkait dengan bandung
Selain air bandung

lol! Today MrF and I tried making mee bandung. I’m trying to improve my culinary skills but I think before that, must try to find time to masak first haha. Alhamdulillah today we found time to play masak2 and voila! This is our product. hurhur. Ada cheat sikit but hey, we tried hor.

On a more serious note, MrF has been losing lotsa weight since the wedding (sounds like he’s suffering eh after marrying me? hehe). He also started a new (but sucky) job right after we came back from our honeymoon. So not too sure which one is more stressful for him; working at a new place or being married to me. lol! The weight loss might be from the new job (site work and travelling) but cos of the super duper zhun timing, other people might see it as the wife torturing the husband tak jaga makan or tak kasi suami makan. No one has mentioned it to me, but somehow I’m giving myself this (unnecessary) stress by thinking that others are thinking that way. haiz.

I try to cook what I see at my MIL’s place. So that my beloved husband can feel comfortable and then end up eating banyak2 and be fat fat fat. haha. But then again, maybe pasal masakan tak sedap sebab tu makin kurus eh.. hahaha

Alright, tomorrow is a Monday. Back to work. May the week be much better than previous or any other weeks!

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