A long hiatus I have been on..

Hello hello to those who are still reading this blog! Hehe.. Lost my mojo in writing cos of some legal threats (which didn’t fall thru). Following that, I guess just hilang mood la. Lol. 

Today, feeling a bit free and decided to put in some effort in writing! Even though I haven’t been writing, I’ve been quite a regular reader of the BTBs’ blogs. Very much a stalker 😂 and enjoying the posts. It’s a good platform for the masses (obviously in favour of informed customers).

Over the weekend, we decided to coach up to Petaling Jaya, KL for the Foodgasmfest. Wedding Kraken+hubby and us were on the same padang without bumping into each other! Okla, don’t think WK+NG know what we look like, hurhur. Just like every other Singaporean who was there, we went crazy with the food. Happily stuffed ourselves silly. Besides the fest, we also spent a whole day at The Curve, a super duper big mall with so many restaurants and cafes. Nasib baik we don’t live in KL. Wonder how org KL can stay kurus haha. Here’s a collage of what we managed to squeeze into our peruts!   

Besides being such gluttons, MrF and I also did some exercise (non perut related)😆. We visited Coney Island on a weekday! The island was so empty! Boleh buat mcm rumah sendiri! Hahahaha.. I was warned not to visit CI on a weekend. I heard that bikes will be back to back. Wait till all the hoohaa die down if you wanna go on a weekend. However if you do have the time, do it on a weekday k!


In the meantime, BTBs continue planning and stay happy! Fellow wives, continue enjoying ur marriages! May Allah bless us all!

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2 Responses to A long hiatus I have been on..

  1. eh I think I vaguely recall how you look like! but on that day I was like “man I’m never gg to spot her la” cos it was sooo ramai and we really had to watch where we step. anyways not judging but wah you guys got to try so many different types of food! I seem to have missed the bbq corner. and dayyum the nachos… I wanted to get but procrastinated and thus never got it 😭


    • doublefs says:

      Ya! I think the lecak padang might have made us miss some foods.. I kept looking down at my feet instead.. Once in a while I try to look for you guys haha
      Next yr I hope it’s btr! U can try more next yr inshaAllah 🙂


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