Happy Togs

Our little (business) baby is reaching 1000 likes! Come on, come on! Jiayou!

It’s kinda hard to juggle online business with a day job, but alhamdulillah it’s working out ok so far. Reski trickling in whenever Allah decides and customers have been quite nice so far. We only came across 2-3 people who wanted to cheat us, we’re quite surprised that the number is small (org tak tipu byk comment eh, cari nahas je lol) and we had offers from banks to finance us? (Business kecik2 je..) Haha.

For those who haven’t visited our fb page, here’s what we’re selling at the moment:


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2 Responses to Happy Togs

  1. bridebarista says:

    Omg major love for your tops!

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  2. woo last I checked, dah more than 1,000 likes 🙂 🙂 congraaaats!

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