Roti paun

I never thought I could make my own bread. Always heard that I need to knead the dough by hand for a long long time for it to be soft (I imagined an hour long). Cos I’m very the lazy, I didn’t want to do something which requires such a long kneading process. Just found out that I can actually use a normal flour mixer to help me knead. 

And so…Cos we finally got my mom’s Kenwood fixed, and was recently inspired by the MIL when I saw her making her own bread for the family, I decided to give it a shot. Googled and watched a lot of YouTube videos to understand how it’s done. Oh jakun me also just saw at Courts that there’s such a thing as a bread maker machine. Perhaps next time if this gets really serious..
Anyways, here’s my baking product! Tada! 

Meh kasi upclose picture of how soft the roti is hehe (this one second batch using gelatinised method instead)


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2 Responses to Roti paun

  1. That curry kentang is so memanggil, Ya Allah!


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