Our journey as papa and mama F

Everyone has their own pregnancy story and here’s ours:

We got married on 28 Mar 2015 but we didn’t try getting pregnant immediately. We wanted a little bit of “us time” first. We started trying after Raya and alhamdulillah it was easy for us to get pregnant. Unfortunately, as easy as it was for us to get pregnant, it was also as easy for us to lose the baby (at 6 weeks).

We were told to rest a month before trying to get pregnant again and so we did. Sometime in Nov 2015, we got pregnant again. This time around we were more careful but once again the happy news was short lived. Another miscarriage (at 9 weeks)!! 

We found out that it’s common (relatively). 25% of women experience miscarriages. We didn’t know it was quite a high statistics, but… of cos no one wants to fall into the 25%. 

At that moment, it was really a test of our faith, patience and everything else. 

I was really eager to get pregnant cos I wanted to have my first birth before turning the age of 30 (tulah siapa suruh kawin lambat kan).

After the 2 miscarriages and going through lotsa drama in our marriage life, I learnt to let go and not be so OCD with my life plans. We can plan all we want but I needed to be reminded that Allah yang menentukan, so I shouldn’t be all panicky cos my life wasn’t going the way I wanted. 

I guess it happened so that we have more time to prepare ourselves and learn to work/communicate with each other better before having a junior to care for. We spent all our free time together by going on trips and dates.

Doc asked us to relax for 3 months before trying again. During the difficult period, I’m quite thankful there’s family and friends who supported and helped us.

Anyway fast forward to 2016, we got pregnant for the third time and this time around I kept telling myself to relax and don’t put any pressure on myself. Bosses were also kind to me and gave me less outdoor work during the first trimester. 

I kept telling myself – If it’s meant to be, it’ll be. So don’t fret so much over it.

I made sure I was in the best of moods 95% of the time, telling myself I cannot argue with anyone. MrF and I didn’t argue at all for the whole pregnancy (okla probably once je). That was how carefree I was (cos usually I’m the one who start the argument obviously lol).

I avoided caffeine, instant noodles and fast foods the whole time (including the 3 months of waiting time. Oh MrF also avoided what I avoided, just to be fair cos he’s contributing the other half of baby’s genes kan..) I also tried 2 different tukang uruts during the 3 months wait. One was super talkative but she gave good insight about baby making hehehe 

Alhamdulillah with great hardship there’ll be ease [94:5] we were given the chance to be parents this time around. I guess the phrase “third time’s a charm” applies to us? 

And so.. With great happiness, we are therefore announcing that our rainbow baby is here! We have safely given birth to a healthy baby boy on 16 Jan πŸ‘ΆπŸ» 

Moga-moga anak ini menambahkan lagi kebahagian dalam keluarga kami, membesar menjadi anak yang soleh dengan akhlak dan kesihatan yang baik. Amin!

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10 Responses to Our journey as papa and mama F

  1. Hanapurp says:

    Congratulations! 😊

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  2. alhamdulillah and congratulations!!

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  3. congrats on your newborn! I just gave birth too on 17th jan! haha so near hor


  4. laylaliyya says:

    MasyaAllah. . Congrats dear ! πŸ’™πŸ’™

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  5. Aswad Razi says:

    Praise to Allah.. congratulation to you sis..

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