39 weeks 5 days with him

I never imagined post delivery would be this tiring! Quite a shock for me. Hehe.. I know I’m quite a noob and so naive as to expect an easy time caring for a newborn.

Anyway I have some time and energy now while he sleeps on my chest, I shall post about my pregnancy.

Alhamdulillah, my whole 10 months carrying my Son was relatively smooth. I thank Allah everyday cos I get to wake up every morning and still remain pregnant. The phobia after 2 miscarriages was crazy. 

Although it wasn’t a torturous journey (as in no puking, no headaches, no bad acid refluxes, managed to sleep easily, boleh jln lenggang kangkong lol), I couldn’t help worrying that I might miscarriage anytime. It was bad enough to miscarriage at 6 and 9 weeks. Can you imagine if losing baby after carrying for 35-40 weeks? Nauzubillah.. 

I didn’t have any symptoms, managed to fast the whole Ramadan (my dream since I got my period lol). Allah was really kind to me for making it easy to carry my Son after going through 2 miscarriages. (By the way, some of us were thinking maybe big sized people don’t really feel the symptoms cos the hormones are well distributed in our big bodies thus doesn’t affect our system causing the morning sickness? How? True or not?)

There were also many many other worries along the whole pregnancy. I was reminded a few times by friends to “husnuzon”. Thanks friends for being there and not judging me for being overly worried!

Despite my many worries, we managed to go for a babymoon on our 28th week. Decided around 25th week when we were more confident that baby is ok. I chose  week 28 cos I thought if anything were to happen, at least baby is already 7months and premature babies have a high chance of surviving. Alhamdulillah nothing bad happened. I didn’t know my MIL was super duper worried at home. Kesian my MIL. We enjoyed ourselves overseas but she was in SG popping Panadols till the day we return. (This happened during my labour too!)

Once again, due to my phobia.. I didn’t share my pregnancy with many. Direct family members knew about it after 9 weeks. Close friends at 3 months. Colleagues only realised when my bump appeared around 6 months? I think many more friends don’t even know I’m a Mom now cos I didn’t post anything on IG/FB during my pregnancy. Only posted our maternity shoot pictures after we gave birth (itupun restricted view for those who already know we’re pregnant hehe)

We took our free maternity shoot (from Friso) at 36th week. Totally love the pictures and the time spent with MrF at the studio goofing around before we had to be adults to our little Son. 

We were also quite lucky cos my Nephew is only 7 months older than our Son. So we received lotsa pass me down. A lot of items and in good quality some more! Many kind souls also gave us lotsa items. 

Alhamdulillah I’m really really thankful that MrF and I have been given the chance to go through this journey together. Now when it’s quite tough to manage a newborn, I keep reminding myself to push through for the baby. It’s not easy to reach this stage and I should try my best to grumble less about the no sleep. Lol.

To everyone who’s TTC-ing or have gone through miscarriages, I wish for a smooth journey for you. Remember you’re not alone and to always pray and doa a lot! 

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