Confinement period (dalam hari)

Baby Boss (nick given by my Mom and my 5yo niece) is 8 weeks old already. I’m sure every Mom feels this way – sometimes you feel that time flew by really fast and sometimes you wish for time to go faster (especially time berjaga mlm and you want baby to grow out of that clingy phase or waiting for that moment the husband returns home from work).

First few weeks were the confinement weeks. The length of our confinement period was not properly defined. Some people say it’s 40 days, some say when the darah nifas ends, some say 28 or 30 days (calendar month). Whatever it is, we were not following it strictly also la. Hope it won’t cause any problem in the long run!

Most of the days we were at home while I enjoyed the post natal massage, ate good home cooked food and stressed myself figuring out my milk issues. Towards the end, we kinda let loose and ended up outside (much to my Mom and MIL’s horror lol). My mom said if really need/want to go out, just make sure we come home before magrib. 

So for memories sake, here’s some of BBoss’ milestones for his first 40 days:

BBoss Day 4&5 – BBoss was hospitalised for jaundice on his day 4 and 5. Every Mom will definitely visit her child at hospital so I couldn’t confine myself and was out and about those 2 days. MrF pushed me around on the wheelchair as my wound still felt rather sore. I felt like so Makcik2. Doesn’t help that MrF looks young like a teenager. Pfftttt! 

BBoss Day 7 – MrF shaved BBoss’ soft soft and thick thick hair. I did a silent cry seeing everything off 😭 and prayed that he’ll grow that same soft hair again #prioritiesmerepek. We also did tahnik (putting kurma/honey) into his mouth. We did these ourselves in the comfort of our home. We did his aqiqah in Indonesia via (coming from a family of all girls, I was quite surprised to learn 2 kambing for boys! Bertuah nye boboy lol) 

BBoss Day 25 – we managed to get a slot to do his circumcision (sunat/berkhatan) at Maju Clinic in Eunos. Procedure costs $250. Most of the clinics charging this price. Very old doc (I think he’s like 70+yo?). I wanted to do it at Dr Zailan (Chong Pang) but it was quite hard to get slots. We also contacted the other clinics (price ranging from $170 to $500) but they couldn’t squeeze us in on that particular day. We did it on this day as it was the first day of MrF’s one week paternity leave (He used his annual leave when I gave birth.) We timed it nicely on his leave so he can help take care of BBoss if he’s sick and cranky after the procedure.

BBoss Day 27 – MIL organised a doa selamat for him at their house. Good thing he hadn’t started his cranky phase then. Alhamdulillah it took place rather smoothly. 

BBoss Day 28 – Follow up appointment at Maju Clinic. His beberd looked well, alhamdulillah no infection and no additional snip off required. Since we were in Eunos, we also dropped by the car workshop to service MrF’s car. They allowed me to go up the office with BBoss while MrF watched them conduct the servicing. Our first public breastfeeding session at a car workshop office πŸ™ˆ

BBoss Day 30 – My previous dept was having a dept retreat at Gardens by the Bay. They had 20 additional tickets which had to be used up by that day. Thankfully they thought of me (I must be the only free person in the world that they can think of lol). So our first family outing and BBoss’ first touristy spot was GBTB. It was really nice to see my colleagues after so long. 

BBoss 1 monthsary (31 days) – we tried BabySpa. Let him swim with the hope to make him tired and less gassy (we read that exercise is good for gassy babies). We thought if he’s tired from swimming, he’ll sleep longer at night but erpps no it didn’t work. Haha. 

BBoss Day 33 – first wedding invite for BBoss! My oldest friend so how could I miss this wedding!

Final 7 days of confinement, I decided to stay home cos BBoss started being cranky and clingy. He can comfort latch for 5hrs straight omgee my most horrifying night so far. I was really too tired from the sleepless nights to go out.

And so…It’s halfway through maternity leave already 😱 can’t imagine going back to work on 8 May. I’m still undecided whether to extend till after Raya or just go back to work in May. I shall wait for PB to come in and decide la. Will need to inform boss by April if there’s a chance. Maybe can start work again on 1 Jul? BBoss will be 5.5months by then πŸ€”

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