Antics of a first time mom (FTM)

And so.. I was out and about with BBoss on his stroller without MrF. I wanted to experiment taking the public bus with BBoss. Here goes:

Me: *confidently carry the stroller up while BBoss is in it*

Malay bus driver: Patutnya angkat baby dan lipat pram tu (The rule is you’re supposed to carry your baby and fold the stroller.)

Me: Eh taklah! News baru kluar ckp da boleh sekarang. (Eh nolah! I read in the news that it’s been allowed.)

MBD: Belum lagi la (that hasn’t been implemented yet)

Me: *OMG I still want to defend* yeke?? Betul la, da kluar news la (Is it? It’s really in the news.)

MBD: Gasaklah dik (whatever la)

I went in, found a nice spot and then started searching for the news. Wokay I didn’t read the news properly. 🤦🏻‍♀️

#mamagroggy #mamalackofsleep #confidencemestiada #confidenttakbertempat

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